Until actual equality is achieved at all levels, Mainz University’s policy of affirmative action will continue to play an important role in university and human resources development. The main task of the Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity is to advise the university and its members about appropriate measures that can be implemented in order to promote equal opportunities.

We work closely with the Gender Equality Representative of the University Senate.

Our services are

  • Counseling and support in all aspects relating to study, career and qualifications
  • Conflict resolution
  • Advanced and ongoing training programs for women such as the Program for Young Female Academics (ProWeWin)
  • Individual events, such as lectures, symposia etc.
  • Information services, e. g. our online website and newsletters
  • Project design and implementation
  • Promotion of networking between women  

Our services are available to

  • Female academics
  • Female students
  • Female personnel, employed in the University's technical and administrative departments and in the University Library 

Consultation and Coaching

  • Individual coaching for up-and-coming female scientists and employees in the science-supporting sector
  • Consultation for female students and graduates regarding topics in study and career planning, preparation for the application process, entry into professional life and/or scientific further qualification
  • Consultation in issues of science career, advance options, gender appropriate teaching
  • Consultation to further topics such as crises and conflicts at the place of work and study, sexual harassment
  • Consultation for project proposals concerning equal opportunity measures in the Collaborative Resesearch Lines of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)