1. Recruiting Young Female Scientists

Ada Lovelace Project, Location JGU
A network of female mentors to recruit female students for technical/scientific courses of study and to recruit women to skilled professions requiring technical training.

Girls' Day at JGU
JGU participates in the nationwide Girls' Day offering a multi-facetted program of scientific and technical projects to schoolgirls from years 6 - 7.

2. Study Support Initiatives

Ada Lovelace Project - Mentoring for female junior scientists in the Natural Sciences and technical faculties
For female first semesters in the departments of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Computational Visualistics, Electrotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Commercial Engineering at JGU, the University of Koblenz Landau, Koblenz Campus and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

3. Young Female Scientists

Program for Young Female Scientists
Target group: young female researchers (from when they are awarded a doctorate until they receive an academic appointment). Individual events: see our Annual Program.

Christine de Pizan Mentoring-Project
The Christine der Pizan Project aims at a career oriented support of female postgraduates, and postdocs of all fields connected to liberal arts, social sciences, as well as business and law studies. In a combined mentoring/group-coaching approach, the female scientists receive an exclusive opportunity to improve their individual career situation.  

Edith Heischkel Mentoring at JGU
The Edith Heischkel program addresses female physicians with doctoral degrees and female pre- and postgraduates/postdocs in the Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences who are active within the medical field.

Ada Lovelace Project - Mentoring for female graduates in the Natural Sciences
Target group: female graduates, postgraduates, postdocs and those who have their post-doctoral lecturer qualifications in the Natural Sciences and who are seeking an academic career (both within and outside universities) and those looking to make a successful entry into the business world and/or who want to assume management responsibility.

Postdoc posts: (1.0 or. 0.75 EG 13 TV-L)
Duration of sponsorship: 2 years. Applications can be made when a post becomes vacant.

Scholarships for women who wish to return to university
Target group: young female academics that interrupted their postgraduate course or their post-doctoral lecturer qualification due to family responsibilities or interrupted their professional careers having exercised them for a period of at least 5 years. Applications for these scholarships should be submitted by 1 February and 1. August each year.

Junior professorships: (4 W1 posts)
State program to qualify women up to the point of appeals procedures. Applications can be submitted when a post becomes vacant. Funding: 2 or 3 years.

One-on-one coaching
Target group: female postgraduates, master class students and concert exam students who have excelled at their doctoral thesis or their exams. Awards are made according to the budgetary situation.

Higher Education Pact Bonuses
Target group: female professors employed within the Higher Education Pact receive €20,000,  for their own use and/or to improve the quality of their teaching. Applications can be made informally to: Dr. Einig (Dept. SL-11).

Intra-University Research Funding
funding applications can be made for example for child-minding and traveling on university business.

Irène Joliot Curie Program of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence promotes female physicists at all stages of their careers
Support for woman in all phases of their academic careers at the cluster and in its general research Environment

Different faculties offer programs for female scientists to support the scientific work, e.g. for congress and scientific travels, publications, support of postdoc etc.. 

4. Women and Gender Research

Interdisciplinary and international guest professorship Women and Gender Research
This position is rotated amongst the departments of universities in Rhineland-Palatinate - applications can be made when a university advertises a vacancy; awarded to outstanding female professors with good inter-disciplinary track records.

lecture directory - Women and Gender Research
Collection of the current semester events on topics of women's and gender studies.

Portraits of successful women at JGU
In this section you will find portraits of successful women.

5. Human Resources Development

Award for qualified female staff in academic support roles
Target group: The target group is female staff who have undertaken further training on their own accord, in their own time and at their own expense in order to improve their performance and enhance their promotion prospects. Awards are made according to the budgetary situation.

Training for female staff
specific seminars and workshops on various topics. 

One-on-one coaching
The individual coaching (4 sessions) is used to develop skills and competencies, to improve abilities and increase confidence and motivation.

6. Work-Life Balance (Family Services Center)

The Family Services Center serves as a central contact point for parents, parents-to-be and families among JGU’s members.We offer advice to parents who work or study at JGU.

We provide JGU’s members with information, advice and support regarding the combination of family and career/studies.

In addition JGU´s Family Services Center provides child minders, a child care back-up service and children’s holiday camps during summer and fall school holidays.